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As we all know, the current power dilemma in South Africa is worsening – Load Shedding has now reached a stage where it has become the norm! Luckily for us South Africans, there is a convenient and affordable solution to this power crisis.

This is where Zulteck Express comes into the picture, taking full advantage of the gigantic opportunities at hand, squarely focused on capitalising on the prospects that the market is offering.

Zulteck is, at present, exponentially expanding its distribution network with the launch of Zulteck Express. With this national initiative, Zulteck Express’ pertinent objective is to, by incorporating Zulteck Express License Holders, make our products available to everyone, everywhere in South Africa. Zulteck Express makes it possible for Zulteck Express License Holders to literally penetrate the market by physically taking our products to where the demand arises. People will henceforth have access to our products – from upmarket urban retail stores to individuals in the rural areas.

In short, Zulteck Express comprises of a limited number of mobile units that supplies Zulteck Express’ products to designated areas in the country. Fully furnished as a showroom and with the capacity to transport stock, these units serve to both exhibit our products to potential and existing clients and to deliver products to clients who have already ordered. In doing so, we advertise, demonstrate, sell and deliver stock, all in one trip.

Business Opportunity

We at Zulteck Express want to offer you the opportunity to be part of the Zulteck Express family and be a proud Zulteck Express License Holder.

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The Zulteck Express mobile unit is a custom made mobile unit that, in essence, serves as a Zulteck Express Business on Wheels. The mobile unit comprises the following:


How can I become a successful Zulteck Express License Holder?
We have offered you the profitable opportunity to be part of the Zulteck Express family – In order to take full advantage of this, you need to purchase your License from Zulteck Express.

What is the initial cost?
Your License Fee is only R550,000 once-off, and for this fee you receive the fully branded mobile unit, stock, as well as branded promotional material – You virtually receive half of your purchase price back in value before you even start!

Do I have to pay any royalties to Zulteck Express?
No, of course not. We are not franchisors and therefore there are no additional fees.

Where do I order stock from once my initial stock is sold?
You order your stock directly from us, as we have priced our products very competitively and are always sourcing the latest and best products available on the market.

What sort of support can I expect to receive from Zulteck Express?
Apart from the continuous advertising, you can expect comprehensive training as well as ongoing support from Head Office.

To receive a comprehensive Zulteck Express Business Opportunity Proposal, contact us on 012 667 3377 or at info@zulteckexpress.co.za

Zulteck Express offers superior service in taking your business right into the doorway of any consumer

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WIth Zulteck Express you steer your business on every course where there is a demand for your products


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